OS Shortcut

Switch chrome tabsCTRL + SHIFT + TAB

Screenshot of part of the screenCommand-Shift-4
Screenshot of whole screenCommand-Shift-3
Go to desktopfn f11
Force Quit applicationCommand-Option-Esc
 To show minimized app with ⌘ Cmd + ⇥ TabHold ⌘ Cmd. press ⇥ Tab until you've selected the app press the ⌥ Option, and let go of the ⌘ Cmd. ( You must release ⌘ Cmd after pressing ⌥ Option ! )
Mac's task manager - Activity monitorCMD + space , search for activity monitor
Change dock to other screenCMD + space > Dock > "Position on screen:" click "Left" and the doc will move back to the main monitor. You can then click "Bottom" and the doc will move to the bottom.
Open inspect element on chromeCMD + OPT + J