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SuspensionSideway steering (bengkok) cant go alignmentCikgu: Salu btg nie kt balut bagi kuat skit. Senang bengkok
moon: Bengkok tu..dia tarik steering..., Kalau tak bengkok,tukar side rod aje...
lr mat yoe: Kena betul balik yg bengkok tu
Bru aligment molek
Besi tu bengkok dia tarik tayar
Buka. Ketuk balik bg lurus balik
OthersDoor dont shutWhy:
-the bottom door seal which is a block of sponge filled with alternately ice and water

To fix:
- removed the locks/seals and oiled and greased everything that moves but it still happens.
- try WD40 or Duck Oil but again try on a test patch first.
- on cold weather; suggest stiffening of the door-seals preventing total closure of the doors. There are various things you can coat the seals with that will keep them supple but you might find adjusting the strikers on the door pillars themselves might help too but make sure you mark their original position by drawing around them with a pencil to provide a reference from which to work from.
- try adjusting your striker where the door latches outwards slightly,(2 bolts) or does your striker still have the plastic tube on it?
- it sound like the striker is out of adjustment....or may be too loose and pushed in too far......try moving it outwards a little and see what happens......keep trying it till its in the right position......
ACDouble fan the fan is only useful when you are stationary. The effect of the fan is about 20-30km/h and if you move faster than that, you get more air going through than the fan can supply. So once you move faster than 40km/h, it makes no difference whether your fan is working or not.
ACSlow AC airlook like not enough pressure on the compressor, either low gas pressure or compressor losing its capability to go high pressure (wear and tear, or worn out)
SteeringSteering arm bengkok, cannot do alignment and cause tilted steering wheel.,
Turbo300tdi Original turbo pricelr sniper: 1900 jenis garret, Tong turbo cheras - baru
second: 1k
TurboNew Turbo Garrett brand for 300tdi and similarlr mr Chan enterprise: New RM2800, One year warranty
Parts & KitsStock steering wheel diameter17" or 43cm
ElectricalProblem : wiper and aircond suddenly stop working. Found no. 4 fuse socket loosed. #ac
OthersPaint or checkered plate?Adnan Abdullah - best non hassle protection is 3mm alum checkered plates.
no worries on fading, last use and abuse almost forever. No need painting whatsoever.
you can buy plate cut them.or precut to size and rivet the. yourself..easy cos it perfectly square.
OthersDefender made in Malaysia. Land Rover dari series hingga defender utk malaysia market di pasang di malaysia oleh A.M.I.sila lihat manufacture plate di bulkhead.

Assemble UK atau CBU ada VIN plate atas brake master bracket.
Service (common issue)Post flood fords major serviceoil filter 68
air filter 105
diesel filter 95

15w 40 engine oil 153
gearbox oil 120
transfer case, 4x4 gear oil 80
axle oil front/rear 130
service labor 100

clutch & brake oil 45
to bleed, flush out and replace labor 40
Service starter, carbon replace (masuk air) - 195
remove/refix starter 45

Service (common issue)Post flood issue & serviceAC compressor bearing (hissing noise)
Tailamp bulb / soldering
rear right signal bulb (custom)
Lift kitVibrating issue for 300tdi defender 2" lift heavy dutywhy vibrate?
Driveline angle is gone upwards due to:
The coupling radius is small
Short front propshaft
panhard rod issue

to fix?
Double cardan propshaft (double coupling)

fix cost from xx, 3500 to 5000
SteeringPANHARD ROD BUSHES REPLACEMENT - DefenderTo fix a steering wobble, vibration
OverhaulOverhaul parts & main servicesFull overhauled Engine (new piston, bearing, Valve, seal…)

Serviced Gearbox, transfer box, front & back axle
- New Turbo Cartridge
- Fuel Pump service
- New Injection nozzle
- New wiring
Expedition kits48" or 60" tall? Hilift jackA 48" HiLift has served me well for about 25 years. Ample tall enough for most recovery, slewing out of ruts etc. Do you know how FRIGHTENINGLY unstable a hi-lift is in use?

Anything above a couple of feet off the ground is dangerous - even if you know what you are doing. Unless you intend to get a big lump of chain and use it as a hand winch you shouldn't need a big one.
Wheel & tiresWolf wheel & studsThe copy Chinese wolf rims are very thick at the wheel mount flange, requiring longer studs on the hubs if you want to have stud protruding beyond the wheel nut.

Just to confirm, I also have genuine wolf rims, and they are marked as tubeless.
And running them on the original (short) studs, never a problem for more than 15 years.

Somewhere on the forum there is the army recommendation regarding the shorter studs. There was just an increased torque value needed but I cannot remember what it was.