Fix kembara

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Mileage (KM)
Reference (img, etc)
First ever service (after buy)engine oil 128, throttle body service, engine mounting replacement 350, gear/transmission/axle oil, air filter, radiator cap, radiator flush & coolant, clipCastrol1217184000service
Tires and absorberChange front tires (275 each) + KYB absorber (185 each) + labor Castrol, glenmarie1120185500tire, absorber
Tinttinted 400 at tint garage ( warranty 5 tahun, if change cermin depan, boleh claim - tambah 80 shj, kalau ada problem dgn JPJ boleh call them to nego with JPJ)Tint garage, Kota damansara400186500tint
RadioSeksyen 7, shah alam130187850radio, wiring
Jerking like the gas are being blocked - Underpoweredreplace valve cover gasket & spark plugs
to remove smething on petrol tank the effect of fuel pump replacement
to service throttle body
valve cover gasket 1pc 45,
spark plug 1 set RM48
fuel pump assy pc RM145 (denso)
Rakan Setia Motor368189600underpower, gas, spark plug
insurance 2nd partyended 11 dec, renew 10 dec 2020vision automobile (kembara)399
Interval service 180189000