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Mileage (KM)
Reference (img, etc)
Tint glassRM700 (rm100 for moonroof)Tintmaster Kota Damansara700tint, accessories
Remove Clutch pedal springpedal too highDefender shop Kelana Jaya next to KPJ eyecare20clutch
Stub axle & wheel oil seal replacementOil leaking on rear left tire. Send to RSM and buy parts from Mr Chan enterprise KL. The cost of delivery (with grab) RM130 + RM100 for 2 sets of each item. RM100 for installation (RM20 tips for the guy for late charge)Rakan Setia Motor200190577
SnorkelBuy itemMun lee puchong350snorkel, accessories
Silver Land rover letter & extension grilleBut the extension grille is broken... 380 + 180Defender enterprise560accessories
Paint work at uncle leeIndus silver 863, RM2700 for external + inner door for 2 weeks (by right is only 2500)Double U spray, glenmarie batu tiga2700190600paint
Clutch pedal spring adjustmentReinstall the pedal spring and custom the spring with red rubberRasta TTDI 20190700clutch, knocking
First major service - hose, transmission, cooling system, fuel pump & injector serviceThere's a heavy jerk whenever gear switch & replacing brittle engine and cooling hoses. And do major service and replacement.

Fan belt replacement
Cooling hoses replacement
Radiator service
Axle, gear & transfer case service and replacement
Fuel pump service
Injector service

Top hose x1 RM60
Bottom hose x1 RM220
Breather hose x1 RM160
thermostat hose x1 RM60
rear heater hose x1 RM80
fan belt x1 RM100
Radiator service RM250
Fuel pump & nozzle service RM900
O ring transfer x6(RM6) RM30
Hub shaft rear rh x1 RM350
Hub shaft rear lh x1 RM500
hub assy rear x2(rm160) RM320
rear axle oil RM80
transfer oil RM120
oil seal x3(RM30) RM90
Transfer box installation RM300
Axle shaft, oil seal, radiator, hoses,
timing system setting and fan belt RM400
Chan Enterprise Batu Caves4020191130 belt, cooling system, hose
Aluminium plat no.Replace with newShah Alam, Salam60
bulb port and 2 coolants (free)No coolant during radiator service, and rear left bulb signal not working. Get it for free (Price easily RM200)Chan Enterprise191350coolant, radiator, service, bulb
Underpowered after fuel pump service- Lack of power - no black smoke, no high rpm when use clutch
- Not the clutch issue, most probably fuel pump issue
- under warranty, no charge - Adjust the fuel pump and done
- The specialist said the rotor might not in great condition.
Fuel pump specialist bt caves191450fuel pump, clutch, service
Installation of snorkel & extension grille Sharpa tebok lubang, the original size cant be fit with this snorkel.. :'(ES 4x4 Batu Caves300accessories, 4x4
Hard reverse gearDue to light clutch, found out the clutch screw getting loose , that's why it get so light. Shalwar tigtened it up and clutch get heavy but no issue with switch reverse gear anymore. It's freeChan Enterpriseclutch, gear, reverse
wheel oil seal replacement - rear rightLeak Chan Enterprise150192000wheel, oil seal, leak
Starting issueLong crank seem gone with bleed out the air from injectors and diesel filter, but still need to monitor patterns..

It bumped into other problem. No long crank, after glow plugs light off start kicks in, but died immediately until pedal gas.
Chan Enterprise0192000injectors, hard start, glow plugs, bleeding
Leak plastic T - Replace with T iron hoseTopup coolant fr 1l, and replace the T iron for free.
paid for coolant only.
Chan Enterprise30192000coolant, cooling system, leak
Replace key & light switchHard stating issue and faulty electricity on key switch. It also cause a long crank like heater plugs issue.

Total coolant in radiator is 3l. Need to ensure the coolant 40% and water 60% ratio

Coolant 60
key switch 160
light switch 280
labour 100
Chan Enterprise600193200coolant, key switch, light switch, ignition switch
Interval serviceOil filter 40
Engine oil Revtec 10w-40 semi synthetic 200
labour 80

Next service:
change diesel filter
Check air filter
Chan enterprise320195,620chan, service, engine oil
Replacing bearing & pulleyBearing/pulley makes noise - its present upon engine start and intermitently dissappear while driving

Bearing and pulley RM 180
AC belt Rm 60
Labour 100
Chan enterprise340196200, engine, bearing, pulley, tensioner, belt
Vacuum pump replacementIssue with brake, hard to press, and theres a noise in the engine probably due to air leak - suspected servo. Issue came after replacement of AC belt and its bearing.

Ask Alex to bought it from Chan, only 1150. Other shop quote at 4k and 1.6k.

1150 vacuum pump
120 labor

Rakan setia motor1270196600noise, brake, vacuum pump, belt
Valve tire tube worn outKeep punctuated or flat. Found out the tire is using tube tire. (by NSS Bosch for free)

Replace it at Damansara Perdana next to Aping for RM55.
Damansara Perdana corner (next to Aping)55196500tube, tubeless 7.5, pancit
roadtaxPost office tesco mutiara damansara420
Mudflaps, badge and lamp guard.front mudflaps RM400
plus bracket RM160
Lamp guard (britpart) RM700
Defender rear badge RM100
Defender upgrades Malaysia1360accessories, richard, cheras
Burn rubber/oil smell and bush noisesThought it was clutch issue, apparently clutch still good - can go up to another a year or 2 from dec, 2019 198,600km

There’s diesel leak caused by bad gasket fix by Chan.

transfer box and gearbox leak too. Ali bring down GB to check, together on clutch. Replace most of the oil seals.

Absorber seem better after replacement of bushes. Chirping noises still present intermittently

Brake pad still thick.

clutch shaft oil seal 1pc 50
4x4 long shaft oil seal 2pc 104
4x4 long shaft coupling (big) 280
4x4 long shaft coupling (sm) 170
valve cover gasket 1pc 85
absorber bush (lower) 4pcs 18x4 72
absorber bush (upper) 2pcs 52x2 104
gasket sealant 65
gear oil 70

labor 320
labor for gearbox 150

total 1470
Rakan setia motor1470198600clutch, burning, gearbox, transmission, absorber, bush, oil seal
Starter motorFirst crank throw clunk sound and won’t start. Recorded in iphone. Second crank start as usual. Buy part from Chan and installed by RSMRakan setia motor1085199600video recorded on 23 dec 2019crank, start, clunk, noise
Stuff soundproof soundtream 4 doors 1 layer and speaker & tab playerSS Auto car accessories seksyen 71370199700dampening, insulation
Dynamat extreme 8 pieces 839, plus roller 125TC Marketing seksyen 22964soundproof, insulation
Double fan AC installation at Kok seksyen 17Slow cold air with single fanSing Kok Car Air Conditioner, Seksyen 17580199600aircond, ac, cold, shah alam
Soundproof bonnet and foamMONOCROSS Deadening Bonnet Sound Proof(black) / Heat Shield Mat 102 x 0.7 x 122cm (4FT) RM55 +
100x50cm 100mm thick x 6 RM72
received 10 JAN
Shopee127online shopping, soundproof
Both rear shock absorber bottom bush replacementThe rig get clunking noise over bump/hump. Found out the shock are loose due to worn rear bottom bush. Replace it at HCS battery for 3 hrs.

RM100 - 4 bushes (a pair)
RM40 - Labor
HSC Battery Damansara Perdana140200180noise, thought it was axle
Replace cil springReplaced on front end with King Australian brand. Old one sagging, thus the front end get lowered. Together with washer & poli bushORE batu caves1600200555absorber, suspension, spring
BFGoodrich 7.5 R16 LT tubelessReplace the tires (of Mud tire) due to noise and tube type issue. Now it runs on bfgoodrich 7.5 r16 LT tubeless , the different so marked. Location is behind the Puchong Tesco, turning around small Hindu temple. Get RM510/each plus RM120 (rm30/each tire) for computerise wheel balancing that cater for 5ton truck & below.lst tyre centre sdn bhd2160200750tire, tayar, noise, puchong,
1" shock spacerto level the rig. Next time to change the shock.ORE Bt Caves600201600suspension
Leaking on the flange(axle) and tie rod end replacement- Squeeking noise due to total worn tie rod ends from both sides.
- There's trans oil leak on the flange axle.

Tie rod end(RM90) X3 (back & front(left)) RM270
Steering drop arm kit x1 RM100 (Not install)
Flange(axle) RM400
labor RM150

Chan enterprise950201600Tie rod end :

leak, trans, gearbox, axle, shaft
Resend axle flange that still leaks - change bearing and bottom clutch pumpThe flange still leaks after replacement(1), Fauzi notice non-moving bearing when checking engine area(2). Bottom clutch pump leaks and need replacement, with clutch plate. Notice the running flow fluid in the morning(3). Labor at RM100
1. Free
2. RM120
3. RM220 + RM18
4. 100
Chan enterprise458202300, bearing, axle
Interval service and flange axle 3rd replacement
Oil filter RM50
Diesel filter RM60
Engine oil RM200
Replace vacuum hose (leaks) RM50
Labor RM150
Total RM510

Chan change the flange with new one after 2 leaks earlier. 22FEB,2020.
Second service at 202,340km FEB, 2020.

Next service 209,000KM.
Chan enterprise510202340service
AC belt torn up and replacementSymptoms
- No cold air from AC, and there's no cut off.
- Noise like bearing issue

Found out the AC belt torn up, lucky there's no related to any other belt i.e Fan, alternator, etc.

Fix at Chan, Price of Bando belt at RM75. ( He ask to pay it for the next service)
FREE for now

Chan enterprise0202500to be updated.belt, ac, aircond
Diesel leakDiesel leak on fuel pump hose fixed with replacement.
Replace it with white transparent silicon hose, no more leak on the black small hose.

Previously thought the oil leaks from the fuel pump or head. (from Alex)
Chan enterprise202300leak, diesel, fuel pump
Acquire roof rail & side awningBought at Isaac Kepong at RM2030 total.
Rhino rack OEM at RM1100 (normal RM1150)
Side awning 2.5 * 3m at RM930 (normal RM950)
Installation RM80 (plus RM10 tips)

Love doing it there. Will repeat.
Isaac Kepong2030202600, overland, touring
Fix bad tensionerThere’s noticeable bearing noise, with marked hissing sound in the last 3 days. Fixed within 2hrs. (Alex's team custom the bearing to be reuse)Rakan Setia Motor100203400pulley, bearing, tensioner, bell, noise
DIY cooper t jointOnly lose less than a liter of fluid (mainly from reservoir) as a result of early detection. Notice there's a consistent 2 spots of water drops from reservoir tank after parked in the porch.

Symptoms: No overheating indication from meter.

Remove the 3 small hoses and wash the inner with karcher garden hose plus strong pressure. Debris present so marked, and full flush is needed soon.

Bought (traffic auto) 2x long life coolant D22x2, cooper T joint D6 and 100cm small hoses for 2x spare D24
Home74203700 hose, cooling system, radiator, rusty
Full cooling system Full cooling system service following the T joint corrosion issue, worry the debris escalated and stay.

Full flush of engine block, cooling system hoses and radiator service transpired prior new coolant and water settle in.

5x Toyota long life coolant (RM22 each) with distilled water for 1:1 golden ratio on 11.5L capacity according to manual.

The 'white elements' can be seen at 1, 2 spots in the engine block hose.

The mechanics put all 5L coolants prior water and used only 3-4L water for balance, which theoretically should fit another 6.5L!. Suspecting 1-2L still in tact or transformed into unknown materials along the pathway.

Leave a night with clean board underneath to spot any leaks. There's one; which later found as drops from unclean radiator drain plug during bleeding session that require a proper cleanup.

RM270 (flush & drain cooling system, radiator and engine block) radiator service

RM76 additional 3 coolants,
RSM346204000 system, overheat,
Rear left wheel oil seal leaksSymptoms: There's oil or grease spilled on the rear left wheel. Need to remove the flange axle and check it through for details.

Couple of white mixed fluid spotted in the axle line due to water. That perhaps as a result of passing the flood for grocer's during MCO. There's leaks in oil seal, replaced it with Corteco's made.

2hrs fix duration (with other car present)
Chan Enterprise160204000 seal, leaks, grease,
Steering pump hoses & ball joints, suspension kits replacementNoise like bushes worn out issues, and wear & tear bushes & ball joint issues.

Tie rod end ball joint 4x 240/pc = RM960
Suspension rod kit 2x 22/pc = RM44
Powering steering hose, end pressure hose RM200
u shape pressure hose 1x RM130
Power steering oil RM30
ball joint & suspension rod kit RM120
Hoses replacement rm80

Total = RM1564
RSM1564205000, joints, steering, leaks, noise, chirping,
Front wheel right leaksIt just a grease leaks on the wheel - thought it was a wheel oil seal. Add grease and gasket by Alex team.RSM50205000, tyre, wheel, leaks
Corroded Y jointsCorroded in couple weeks, 2nd replacement - its deemed as galvanised T joint instead of real cooper - Got it cheap from hardware shop. Its more like a brass type instead of cooper.Hardware 136.5cooling hose, coolant
Rear left gullwingAluminium gullwing for rear left window for easy access to storage.KOA puchong1880205000 , kit, touring
Rear stepFit rear step - there’s large gap filled with weld & bolt workUGG Seri Kembangan350205000, touring, accessories
Freeplay, AC belt noise, coolant leakFreeplay - Check for (est. 4%) freeplay on steering wheel - steering pump checked and good, loose steering shaft (or intermediate shaft) might caused the issue. Tighten it for temporary fix and monitor. Result: Tighter steer control and less freeplay. Lucky the shaft is replacable for future fix.

Leaks - There’s leak on top of drain plug, dry coolant mark can be seen on the plug; it’s been done deliberately due to bad screw thread thus caused tad leaks around and below drain plug area. Tighten bit and monitor the outcome.

AC belt noise - Noise present when AC is on. It appear the belt fit by C's team is tad longer. Ali further tighten it - belt noise gone but new problem occurred (noticed it couple hour while drive home) the 2 bearings has contacted thus produced a bad bearing noise. Reloosen it and wait until next replacement for best fit
RSM0204700 system, steering, freeplay, belt
Britpart side steps (4x)Lim UGG1130206000
Front Runner aluminium access ladderLim UGG1170206000, touring
Roof rack cross-bar for roof bagAdd roof rack cross-bar for roof bag, as pointed in blue. The roof bag will be use to host storage when the third-row occupied by additional occupant.
ES Batu Caves150207000, roof rack
Brake servoReplacement of brake servo - Loose grip when apply brake. Lucas not in stock, use allmakes 4x4 (UK) for a year warranty (use by gov)
Rakan Setia Motor950207000, noise
Front runner accessories and ARBFront runner jerry can holder + 2 wolf boxes + ARB touring chair 4WD Shah Alam & Lim UGG1720207000, gears
Brake disc rotors skimming and brake pad replacement.Screeching sound while drive, and stop intermittently when brakes applied.
Result: Noise gone but the brake grips still have an issue due to brake servo. Ali have checked and flushed the air but issue persist. Soon to fix.
Rakan Setia Motor455206000
Interval service at 8,000KM Normal service of engine oil and oil filter replacement.

Diesel filter will change for coming service,
Air filter still ok

Plus, transmission oil checkup (OK)
and wheel hub cover replacement, there's grease leak, like an oil leaks on the wheel hub.

Service at 209,720KM, interval service at 8,000KM. Next on 217,720KM

PTT engine oil 15/40 7L (7L needed for defender) RM195
oil filter MAHLE RM80
labour RM35
wheel cover RM35

Check for central lock fix plus remote cost for RM650, need to leave the car for 2 days.
Lim UGG, Seri Kembangan345209720service, gearbox, remote, alarm
Check up and FP adjustment for pickupDrop in for checkin on couple concerns. White smoke, bearing noise, lazy AC fan, trans service and fuel pump setting for power.

Only get 678KM when RTT installed, due to weight and underpowered.

Continue to observe started MAR 15, 2021 after FP adjustment.

Uncle's input
- more power gives better FC, makes sense, we put that to test.
-- Fast howling sound 'dededede' indicates power.
- Slow AC fan, due to motor?
- Bearing noise present consistently, not intermittently.- my bearing is fine.
- My engine sounds fine.
- To see white smoke is from the other end of corner, - mine is not.
Rakan setia motor210800performance
Transmission service, AC fan fixed, underpowered issue, and bearing noise? NotSlow AC fan (RM160)
- Fan motor w/ blade (RM130) & relay(RM30), replace to get fixed.

TRANSMISSION oil service (RM120)
- 210,000km TRANSMISSION oil service - serviced at 210,184KM using ATF dexron 4 (based on Alex & Chan input) RM120, next change will be 235,184KM (25,000KM)

Vibrate noise when start the engine | bearing noise when start the engine?
- Its actually caused by vibration of mount screw AC compressor especially first start the engine i.e morning, fit new screw to fix the noise.

Steering freeplay
- Uncle tighten the steering box (with mark), a bit heavy, freeplay still present.

Total RM320 (with labor)

MAR15 - fuel pump adjustment to give more power; black smoke present and engine sound of 'dedede' getting faster.
Rakan Setia Motor320210184gearbox, bearing, noise, vibrate, ac, fan
AC fan not even moving!Mar 22 Issue still present after second relay replacement (at RSM), and result both to not spinning. Fix that at Taman Tun AC at RM130 with gas and compressor oil refill too - Its a wiring issue. Learn that one of the blue wire wasnt deliver electrics, replace the defect.AC Rasta Taman Tun130210700AC, electrical, wiring, expert
Aluminium Shower tentAluminium 98*10*7cm Shower tent case self-plan + 3 hinges + 1 hinge lock + a buckle set (of 2) CHI
ES Batu caves, Sharpa300212300, overland, camping
lower clutch pump + drop arm ball joint320, labor 50 - Clutch pedal loose completely, kosong - fluid check, loose bit.

Look like is a common manual truck issue due to load and clutching activities. Some rig worn just in 8 months

This is my second replacement, probably in 2-year with less wheeling due to MCO.

This is wear and tear part, need to sort prior, especially long haul drive.

+ 290, labor 40 - Drop arm ball joint bush is torn. New one come with a set; pin, bush, grease, etc

From HS kebun to KS for Nida’s funeral. Tow it from K.S to shah alam, 50km free, topup 68 ( 2RM/km) + 21 toll

total 790
Rakan Setia Motor700215565clutch, ks, kebun, wear and tear
Starting issue - not starter or battery15 JAN Housing - steering ignition lock & new battery replaced.
Can't crank but electrical power was present (not a starter symptoms). Replace with new Amaron Go 12v/70ah battery through bateriku, but issue still persist.
Towed to R, and replace the steering ignition lock, fixed! but it also means, the master key no longer usable, key replaced.

RSM1520217500 start crank
Britpart water expansion tankThere's a red color fluid leaks present on the ground, the bottom part was cracked.

Got it from Akmal at RM325. Pay him 350 for tips.
Shopee sell it at RM285

Akmal325217700cooling system, radiator, coolant
Loose handbrakeLoose handbrake fixed with handbrake shoes replacement (.395), oil seal leaks(.75), fixed.

Rakan Setia Motor590222188 cable
Post flood fords major serviceoil filter 68
air filter 105
diesel filter 95

15w 40 engine oil 153
gearbox oil 120
transfer case, 4x4 gear oil 80
axle oil front/rear 130
service labor 100

clutch & brake oil 45
to bleed, flush out and replace labor 40
Service starter, carbon replace (masuk air) - 195
remove/refix starter 45
Rakan Setia Motor1176216000 service flood
Vibration due to driveline angle - 2" lift issueA year old vibration issue due to driveline angle after 2” lift fixed with td5 stock double cardan front propshaft + flange replacement.

The one I had is worn and unaligned coupling position, pretty loose.

Earlier, few suggestion from LR members: wider angle coupling (allows wider radius), longer propshaft, panhard rod bush (fix wobble steering), etc but none gets me. 1,2 friends and forumers fixed theirs with double cardan and that's what beam me to take a leap, and none of I know propose it.

Good thing, its a straightforward fitting since mine is 03 MY def model consists of 60% td5; trans sytem, axle, fitments, etc.

Puma front propshaft is relatively longer, tdi tad longer too (due to axle position).

Akmal1600222000 vibration propshaft
Clunking issue - heavy vibrate when free gearThere's a clunking issue seemed to be related to an axle, clutch or propshaft, and get worst after propshaft replacement. Shuddering with very clear and loud deep clunking sound from front end when freeing the gear after applying brakes.

Thought it ll gone after front propshaft replacement but no. Its a rear axle need a service; dismantle, clean, regrease and reinstate. Alhamdulillah, issue fixed and def back like a young horse again.

RSM250223000 axle propshaft rear-axle
AC failure and gauges failureAC blown up - AC compressor bearing was noisy since fording day back in DEC,21. Fixed it in JAN but the noise return last 2 months. It finally gave out days ago, blown while driving (i.e burnt rubber smell), along the electrical hiccups cause the mileage, temp and gas gauges failed like a blown fuse.

Pullover and check the hood. It cooked, very much like jammed bearing issue. Cut the AC belt to stop compressor operation completely.

Check the gauges in HB, but all fuses seemed to work. The fix; mech do fuse bypass directly in the meter for the 3 gauges.

Do a complete check of AC and compressor replacement.

Hulu bernam and RSM2170223000 aircond meter electrical
2x unit of lower clutch pump replacement & service1) The lower clutch pump leaks again. TRW (CE) - The fluid spotted on the floor, while the pump oiled and leaky
2) Normal service; oil 0.164, oil filter 0.078.
Its free, and it's a second replacement after 2 weeks. Earlier paid only half, replace it during AC fix in May, 2022.
The lifespan of the pump is so questionable:
JAN, 2022 (months) > MAY 2022 (lasted 2 weeks) > JUN 15 2022. Hope it'll last longer this time.
224113 pump service
AC and gauges not working There's a prolonged electrical issue due to to AC compressor failure back in May, 2022. AC, and all gauges is not working intermittently, akin to grounding related. Fix it at RS, no issue since.
RSM120225000 electrical

activated on 2608
Timing belt & timing coverThere's a long neglected clinking noise issue from engine bay, suspecting timing belt area, normal symptom (approx. 40k km only), noticed it since Fuel pump tweak about a year and half ago.

Apparently, there’s 2 major ticket items, pretty expensive kits that possibly cause the issue; both bearing for timing belt and timing cover shown bad sign.

Both replaced, but the issue stays.. good thing, the belt clocked at 0 again, and give me peace of mind for TH border crossings for year end plan.

RSM3350229.2 service