CMS list

TYPO3Open source. Content management framework, Content management systemTYPO3 is, along with Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress, among the most popular content management systems worldwide, however it is more widespread in Europe than in other regions. The biggest market share can be found in German-speaking countries
AnchorCMSOpen sourceAnchor is a super-simple,
lightweight blog system,
made to let you just write.
GravOpen sourceGrav is built and maintained by a team of dedicated and passionate developers, designers and users. As Grav is an open source project we greatly appreciate user contribution and commitment. These are the key folks that make this all possible.
RanetoOpen source/knowledgebaseRaneto is a Knowledgebase platform for Node.js that uses static Markdown files to power the knowledgebase.

Raneto can be called a "static site generator" of sorts as it doesn't require a database. All of your content is stored in the content folder in Markdown (.md) files and the entire knowledgebase structure and content is generated by Raneto. This is good because it's:
openKBOpen source/knowledgebaseOpen Source Nodejs Markdown based knowledge base (FAQ) app